My first official blog interview is now live at Drop on over there, visit Michelle and read my interview. Someone commented that I sound like a “real author.” Gosh. I sure hope so! LOL

Okay, we’re trying to get a weekend blog tour started over at my Writer’s Group. So be sure and drop in on these very fine blogs … has some wise words regarding alarm clocks as well as several excellent links to ongoing contests.

BookPushersAnonymous has a hunk o’burning manwich, plus tons of information on forthcoming books (ahem), including my own. LOL

DianeGerard has a fine essay that anyone who’s ever written a single word can identify with.

And if you love fairy tales, you have to visit Popin’sLair.

It’s been a busy week, lots of interviews to set up, lots of good wishes coming in on the publication of RAPHAEL. Now, I’m just waiting for my copies of the book to arrive, so I can hold one in my hot little hand. And then I’m going to rip the cover off one copy, frame it and hang it over my desk. It feels sacrilegious somehow, but I really want that gorgeous cover on my wall. It will be inspiration for future books.

After a few weeks spent getting RAPHAEL ready, I’m back to writing Vampires in America, Book 3, RAJMUND (pronounced RYE-mond). It’s been a creative challenge to switch over to a brand new set of characters, but it’s a challenge I’ll take any day. So, I’m off to do some writing.

Wishing you all a great weekend filled with good books.


Creepy Fact for Today: Remember when you were a kid and your mom warned you not to swallow cherry pits, because a tree would grow in your stomach? (Wait, was that just MY mom?) Anyway, don’t worry about the tree, you’ve got bigger problems … peach, cherry, plum, apricot and apple pits all release the poison hydrogen cyanide into your stomach if you ingest them.

6 thoughts on “BLOG INTERVIEW!!”

  1. I read “I’m going to rip the cover off one copy” and started to hyperventilate whilst screaming “Nooooooooooooooo!” in my mind! Lol! Tis a beautiful cover and can totally understand why!

    Will Cyn & Raphael feature in the 3rd book as background characters?

  2. I had exactly the same reaction! But I decided if I recycled the pages, it wouldn’t be so bad and I really, want to frame the cover!

    Cyn and Raphael have cameos at the beginning and end of Book 3, and may possibly have a larger role in Book 4, assuming there is one! LOL I only have the barest of plot ideas for that one.

    Thanks, Willa!


  3. hmm, so you die before the tree grows… 🙂 Fun stuff. Or maybe you have noxious burps?

    Congrats on the book release! I will add it to my list. (The short list, not the long one) And, as with Magegirl, if I see it at the book store I’ll disrupt their shelving and face it for you.

    Firewolf from the OWG btw.

    1. I’m a big shelf disruptor too! I always face out my favorite books!

      Thanks, Firewolf.


  4. And a fine inverview it is, too. Congrats and more best wishes for many sales.

    Thanks muchly for mentioning my blog. I was away on the weekend and just found your post now.


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