Is this terrific or what? The artist of both my covers is Patricia Lazarus and they’re gorgeous. Click on the JABRIL page above for a very brief synopsis of JABRIL. But for the record, unlike the charismatic and beautiful RAPHAEL, JABRIL is a very bad guy — and I think that’s reflected wonderfully in this cover.JABRIL Cover

I can hardly wait for July!! LOL


Creepy Fact for Today: A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off – it dies from starvation!

9 thoughts on “COVER ART FOR JABRIL!!”

  1. WoW! Great cover!! Has a real sense of menace going on there . . . you must be thrilled. Did you have any say in what they did?

  2. I had a few conceptual conversations with Patrish via e-mail and ImaJinn is really good about letting the author see the art ahead of time, just in case I had major objections.

    But the artistry is all Patrish Lazarus.


    1. Yay! And I soon hope to have Autograph Bookplates!! I think I have it figured out.


    1. I am getting prints of my covers and framing them! Originally, I was going to rip off the covers, but then I realized I had jpegs, so I could just made photographic prints (duh.)


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