And I can prove it!

I wrote a very sad scene today. When I do it well, the emotions carry over from fiction to reality and affect the way I feel. It’s almost as if I’m the one who’s suffered the loss, not my character. And it’s not just writing that affects me this way either. It’s reading, too. It’s why I really don’t like the book Gone With The Wind. Because to this day I have a very vivid memory of reading that book in high school and getting so completely depressed by it. Everything was so hopeless! Well, that and the fact that I never really liked Scarlett, and I thought Ashley was a simp, plus I never thought Clark Gable was good looking and even though he only played Rhett in the movie, I couldn’t get his face out of my head. But mostly it was the bleakness of it all.

But I can’t blame Margaret Mitchell for today. Today it was all on me. On the other hand, the scene just totally killed and Duncan is coolness personified. Uh huh.

But back to why I’m not a sociopath … not that anyone has accused me of it … lately. It’s because I have feelings! I feel for my characters, I have felt in real life the emotions I write into fiction. I have lost people I loved, I’ve had my heart broken (more than once) and I’ve been (and still am) in love.

Goodness! Where’d that come from? Okay, on to cheerier topics, I feel a contest coming on. I think I’ll announce it next week and it will be for my readers, because in order to win, you’ll have to have read the books and paid attention to detail! Mwaahhahahahahahaha. (cough, cough, hack, hack)

For now, though, I’m going back to my laptop and my ice cream drumstick (that’s my reward for being a good writer and buckling down to work!)

Have a wonderful week and be sure to come back next Monday for the new contest! There will be a prize, because what’s a contest without a prize? Just another effing pop quiz.


8 thoughts on “I AM NOT A SOCIOPATH!”

  1. Some authors, like you, can make the characters so real that they stay with you even when the book ends. I’ve reread books because I wanted to reconnect with the people in the books or because while doing the dishes or some other mindless chore I thought about an event or a person in the book and then had to go look it up. I remember crying so much over a book that my mother threatened to take the book away from me. Then she read the book and cried too… I didn’t even say, “I told you so”, honest, I didn’t! 🙂

  2. I think that being an author and being able to influence people with your words must feel amazing. It’s not a gift that comes by easily. You definitely have a gift. Reading your work is so easy and vivid. That being said, your characters have stuck with me long after I have put the books on the shelf. Last night I read your post and off to bed I went thinking , “cool a contest…I’m up for that!” Then, it hit me… “a sad scene”… there are not a ton of characters in your books/series that we have met yet and that made me think the worse. I am hoping that the one that may have been killed off is not the one I find myself the most attached to?
    Okay,back to the real world. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.:) Bring on the contest!!!!!!!

  3. mrs reynolds i don,,t really care about any contest cause i,ve never won anything in my life but just want u to know your a damn good writer when you write it,s not porn but it makes me want a cold shower lol iread one the other day someone name stone nasty grossed me out but i love ur writing vampire

  4. We do have faith in you Donna! That’s why we keep coming back for more.

    Oh and Duncan is most definitely ‘coolness personified’ 🙂

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