DAMIAN mini blog size_edited-1Early reviews are coming in for DAMIAN, and I’m excited!

I just finished reading an advance copy of D.B.Reynolds Damian and I have to say that I’m in love! She did such an outstanding job at the end that I didn’t want the story to end. Damian was sexy, pulse-pounding, and engaging from beginning to end. You’ll never look at magic the same way again. THE BOOK CHICK BLOG

“Every now and then a book comes along that just captivates you, taking you within its pages as if you were there, living every moment with the characters. Damian is one of those books for me, I just loved it.” Tracie Runge (GoodReads)

“A very promising and entertaining start to what will surely be another one of my favorite series. It has action, romance, a truly interesting plot and hot sex. I highly recommend the Stone Warriors and look forward to what D.B. Reynolds has in store for her future Stone Warriors!” Danielle Taylor (GoodReads)

CompelledThere are still a few days to enter my COMPELLED contest over at FreshFiction.com!

Meanwhile, I’m deep into LUCIFER’s story, the next book in Vampires in America. Well, it’s really Lucifer and Eleanor’s story. This one’s a little different than the others, because Lucifer and Eleanor are both vampires. That opens up all sorts of hunting and feeding possibilities, doesn’t it? I’m loving it . . . which means I have to get back to it, so that you all can love it, too.

I’m forgetting something . . . Darn.

Oh, well. Enjoy this last week of May, and I’ll see you next Monday!