DECEPTION large for blogDECEPTION has launched and you all made it the best ever!! Pre-Sales were great, sales were great, DECEPTION made Amazon’s Vampire Top Ten and you all are posting 5-star reviews all over the place.

I have the best readers (and reviewers) ever, ever, EVER!

I have some big blog happenings this week that I want to tell you about but …..

Okay, so Friday I had a little allergic reaction to … something … and I blew up like an angry blowfish. It is NOT a pretty sight, although the DH tells me it’s not too bad. Sure sign that it really is that bad. Fortunately, my sister rode to the rescue, quite literally, because until this morning, I really couldn’t SEE except in blurs.


Anyway, it’s getting better … witness that I’m typing this blog without any mistakes (I hope.)

By tonight, I should be able to read and write again, and I’ll be back with all kinds of news and reviews, and BIG contest doings.

But I couldn’t let this day pass without saying “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart. And trust me, my Vampires and I aren’t finished yet!!

Until tonight …

3 thoughts on “YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!”

  1. You’ve done it again. I waited until I knew I would have a complete day without interruption to start because I would not want to move until the I was finished. It was great. Your hard work really has paid off. (of course if I was a brat I’d me asking when is the next one coming out? what about Anthony? are we there yet?–Aren’t you glad I’m not a brat?)

  2. Sending healing thoughts and lots of hugs! Had this once and never found out why. Just blew up like a balloon. WTH? ER, some meds, and back to normal but – gah!

    DECEPTION was fabulous! Finally posted my reviews. It’s looking so good out there! Everybody is really happy so, Squee!



    What fantastic news that Pre-Sales and general sales have been so great. I’m so glad others are finally joining the rest of us that known for years the brilliance of your beloved Vamps!

    Sending best wishes for a speedy recovery from down under, and I’ll be a brat (unlike Joyce) and say that I literally can’t wait for ALLIANCE.

    You should know by now, I am never satisfied when it comes to the VIA 🙂

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