I looked at the calendar today and realized October 1 is this Friday! I want at least two more weeks in this year and I WANT THEM NOW!!

::sigh:: Nobody’s listening.

The names keep pouring in for my NAME THAT BAR contest. Amazing, creative and clever names. You all are making my job much harder … somehow I have to choose only one. Darn.

Remember, the contest runs only through September 30th, which is (cough) this Thursday, so if you have a suggestion, get it in before then.

Sophia’s been resting … more or less. Revisions have been popping into my head at the oddest times. I like to take a few days off between completing the first draft and starting the revisions, but that time is nearly over. I expect to get back to the manuscript this week to do a first round of revisions before anyone else gets a chance to read it.

Looking ahead (way ahead, although not as far as I would like) I’m still thinking about my NaNoWriMo project. I’m leaning toward my Wolves. I really want to write that new Demon story, but I can’t really take the time right now to map out a whole new universe, because DUNCAN is calling. 😀

Checking over at Fictionwise.com, I can tell you that RAJMUND is still holding onto the Dark Fantasy #1 spot, and RAPHAEL and JABRIL are right behind him at #3 and #4 respectively. That might change later this week, but … damn, it’s been six weeks since RAJMUND was released and my blue-eyed vamp is still number one!

I’ll see you all next week, when in honor of the new month, I’ll be posting another deleted scene from RAJMUND. It’s the only scene I wrote from Emelie’s POV, which is why it got cut. But it’s a pretty significant scene in terms of Raj and Emelie’s future relationship, so I think you all will enjoy it.

See you then!


5 thoughts on “WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?”

  1. I’m never surprised to hear how well your books are doing. They are really good and they stay with you. And as you’ve pointed out in some of your interviews… it’s nice to read about “real” vampires! I like werewolves, demons, etc. but vamps are my favorites!

  2. Many, many congrats on the kudos – they are well deserved and your fans know it!
    To celebrate, I am commanding the universe to grant you two more weeks in the year (more time to write LOL).

  3. I know what you mean Donna – where did 2010 go? geez there’s just not enough hours in the day anymore. ah well at least your books are doing very well which is no surprise to those of us that have read them. 🙂
    Really enjoyed Rajmund – think he’s my favorite yet – not so serious as Raphael. But I’m thinking Duncan may push him out of that spot LOL. Looking forward to that deleted scene though!
    As for your project – if you’re soliciting opinions 🙂 – I’d love to read more about your wolves – that was a really intense story for a novella.
    Happy Writing!

  4. I seriously can’t wait for Sophia BUT I am all too excited for Duncan. I have so many thoughts about this one like….who is she? Where does he meet her because it seems that most of his awake moments are spent next to Raphael :)? He seems so old fashioned and so put together, it would be a hoot to see him fall for someone who is not so put together and maybe a little bit wild and unrulely :)Okay, I will zip it. I am just so excited for the new books. Keep up the fabulous work and the offer still stands…I am here ANYTIME you need something read 🙂

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