Okay, yeah, that’s a pretty unforgivable play on titles up there, but I couldn’t resist. I wanted to talk about winter, but also about Duncan, so it just happened!

Saving the good stuff for last, let’s talk winter. As in, I broke down and switched comforters on my bed yesterday, shoving the summer weight into the dry cleaning bag and pulling the winter weight out of the cupboard. Now, I had an exchange last week with someone on the other side of the country, about whether it ever gets cold in California, because Raphael and Cyn and the gang are always complaining about the cold weather. This person asserted that it never got below like 50 degrees. Well, hey, don’t mind me, I just live here. And, yes, it DOES get cold in California, even Southern California where I live. In winter, it routinely gets into the 40’s overnight (Hell-Oh! Vampires! All of my stories take place at night!) And we even see temps in the high thirties where I live, which is where Raphael and Cyn live, too. When you add in the wet air this close to the ocean, that’s COLD, people. Some might even say frigid!

But from the ridiculous to the sublime, we move on to sweet DUNCAN and the fact that his book release is only days away. Which means (looks around carefully) keep your eye on Kindle, because it will pop there first, and one never knows.

Also, one of my wonderful readers (that would be you, Mari Golden) called my attention to the fact that now has the print version of DUNCAN up for pre-order!! How cool is that? It’s a first and a total surprise to me! Yay! Maybe that will spur Amazon to do the same, who knows? Anyway, HERE’s the link.

By the way, we’re hopeful that all of my books will be available in Nook format before the holidays. BN’s been dragging their feet, but they’ve finally come through, so it’s in the works. This is good, because I’d really like a Nook and need an excuse to buy one … since I already have a Kindle. 🙂

For those of you watching Grimm with me, I thought the second episode was an improvement on the first. Nick Grimm still isn’t my favorite actor, but he was better, and I really like the supporting cast. It’s not that unusual for the pilot of a new series to be kind of clunky, so if a series interests me at all, I’m always willing to postpone judgement ’til at least the second episode. And the stories so far are good, despite the shoddy police work. (It’s a pet peeve of mine when shows/books don’t pay even a token attention to actual police procedure.) But overall, I thought this ep was better, so I’ll definitely keep watching for now.

And finally, I’ve got a couple of promo things coming up later this week, which I’ll post here and on FB and Twitter the day before, so keep an eye out. There are giveaways involved!

Okay, back to work. It’s NaNo time again, non-stop writing for 30 days and, in my case especially, nights, at the end of which one hopes to look back and discover what they’ve written makes sense! Wish me luck!

See you all next week!


18 thoughts on “THE WINTER OF OUR DUNCAN”

  1. Winter for you and your addictive vampires, Summer for me. So i’ll sit by the pool and drool over, uh read about, the wonderful Duncan when I can purchase a copy. Always a slower process in Australia but Santa is giving me a Kindle so yay to getting Vampires In America quicker from then on in.

  2. I’ve started to pace my reading, so I can dive right in to Duncan on the 15th.
    As to Grimm, I’m sticking with it too, and agree that this episode was much better. I encourage you to give it at least half a season before making a final decision on the show in general. Some of my favorite series took that long before they found their footing.

  3. I’ve looked at Amazon pretty thoroughly and they don’t have ‘Duncan’ listed for me to pre-order. Maybe you know someone that can get that rectified, since it releases in just a few days. I have it on my calendar now to order on Nov. 15.

    Love this series!

    1. You’re right, Val. Amazon doesn’t have it available for pre-order. They usually don’t do pre-orders on small press. This is the first time has done so, and it makes me very happy. I’m hoping Amazon will wake up and accept pre-orders, too. But it will be there very, very soon! The 15th is not far away! Yay!

  4. I preordered Duncan on BN. I have a Kindle as well, but with books I really love, I like to be able to hold them in my hands. As much as I love my Kindle, real books will never be replaced.

  5. I agree this episode of Grimm was better than the first. It’s definitely a show I’ll keep watching. Duncan will be on my Kindle as soon as it’s available! I might even reread the others in the series just to get ready for the big event.

  6. I was so excited about Duncan and then I started thinking….after Duncan…2 more Vampires in America books….. I suddenly got a sad feeling. I am so not ready to say good-bye to these vampires of yours. Maybe you can make it a dozen???? That sounds so much better. 🙂 Counting down to Duncan. I just love November.

  7. Ms reynolds,
    Hi.I am from malaysia.I luv luv your books.Can you get book depository to sell your books pls? Oklah amazon .com is not bad but the former ships to us free of postage…Just a thot…thanks for those wonderful tales…and yummy men..

    1. Sorry ms reynolds,
      i meant that they ;book depository hasnt offered your latest book duncan for sale… i bought all 3 books from them earlier on…too excited , got carried away ..i wrote to them and they said no duncan yet…. sob sob….

      all the best.

      1. Oh! Well, in that case, I think Book Depository gets it about the same time as Amazon, or maybe a week later because of the shipping time, I’m not sure. But Amazon will have the print copies next week, so … Yay!

  8. Are there going to be any more of the Vampire in America series or is Duncan the end, that would be a real shame.
    Sherry Mello
    Tillamook, Ore

    1. Hi Sherry! There will definitely be more books in the Vampires in America series, plus more Vignettes and now, some Cyn and Raphael novellas, too! My vampires still have stories to tell!


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