HOW DOES IT GO? Good news first …

Nah. I’d rather get the bad news out of the way first! The PEARL nominations are out from PNR Paranormal Romance, and I didn’t make the short list for Best New Author. 🙁

BUT THE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! RAPHAEL is one of the finalists for the PEARL Award for Best Vampire Romance 2009! Yay! Voting eligibility goes back to December (I think it’s December) to avoid ballot stuffing after the fact, and everyone who’s eligible should have their ballot link by now. But IF you’re eligible, please remember me when voting in the Vampire category!

Besides that, I’m STILL waiting to hear from my publisher about a RAJMUND release date. So frustrating. I know they’re reworking the entire release calendar for the year, but I’m soooooo anxious to find out!!!!! I want you all to read about Raj NOW! I’m already well into SOPHIA, which picks up right where RAJMUND leaves off. I’m so eager to share, but I can’t!!


And finally, a picture to make you gasp . . . and then smile. It’s both one of the most frightening pictures I’ve ever seen and one of the most touching. Check it out.


4 thoughts on “HOW DOES IT GO? Good news first …”

  1. Just getting on the list is a huge accomplishment. Hopefully, the next time you blog about this, it will be your victory post.

  2. Fingers crossed for you! (I vote you best prologue in my own, unofficial poll. I’m sure I’ll love the rest, too.)

  3. I know it! I know it since from here!
    Here we say “In bocca al lupo!” and you have to answer “Crepi il lupo!”. It’s to ward off ill-luck…like crossed fingers. ^_^

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